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Message board entries prior to March 20, 2009
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Patti Bohlen Hambleton

wanted you to know I caught up with Tim Herrman, excuse me Dr.! Timothy Herrman {ah first love} he is doing great. Chief Director of Chemistry in Texas at Texas A&M, he has 3 children, and looks fantastic,  of course I would say that!!, but he really does,  It was wonderful hearing about his life and reliving memories.  What it's all about. 

March 9, 2009

Patti Bohlen Hambleton

So glad to read messages from so many friends, especially Steph Jonson and Lana Fields to just name a few.  Thanks Dan Adkins for reminding of this site.  Have a 19 yr old daughter Jordan, no grandkids yet thank goodness way to go JR congrats, and Stephanie how do you do it with all yours? Hey Dennis Gadd! Hope to see you at Nick Rotundos when Steve comes home in March, glad your surgery went well. Chris Jones you sound so very happy.  Hope to finally make it to a reunion this year. Can't wait to see you all. e-mail open to all patti.hambleton@yahoo.com please write!!

February 24, 2009



Craig Kigar

If you use Facebook look for the group "Hamilton Taft Senior High Alumni" I thought it would be one more way of reaching our classmates and possibly the members of other classes.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

 Beth Davis

I think someone beat you by about one week Craig!  There is a Taft Senior High School Hamilton Ohio facebook page up and running - hopefully we will get everyone to know about both facebook pages!

February 24, 2009

Connie Willer Jahner

 yesterday the humidity was awful here and I was just sitting down with some iced tea when the phone rings and it was Tim Zecher of all people!! Crazy how after all these years to hear from an old friend.  Since I last posted on here i have had several friends contact me that is awesome and why i love the internet! i have a myspace and a facebook just to keep in touch with family and friends and see pics of us all.  Our last daughter graduated HS in May almost makes me jealous of JR having a baby, well grandbaby #6 is due in December! I will spoil him (yes its a boy, Blake) him just like I did his mother!! I actually hope to make it home for the next reunion.  Its been a while so should be fun

Friday, August 22, 2008



August 17, 2008



Stephanie Jonson Kovats

 Hi everyone.  Just a thought about our reunion next year.  I was in town visiting at the end of May & had a discussion with my brother, Jim Brown, and brother-in-law, Gary Brown.  Gary remarked about the fact that when we were in school, the classes of 72, 73, & 74 all hung around together and how that was specific only to those years of classes.  I hadn't thought of it before, but had to agree with him.  We DID all hang around together, some of us even married people within those classes.  Anyway, Beth, when you guys start planning the reunion for next year, IF you decide to combine again, I vote for combining us with the class(es) above us at TAFT rather than the class from Garfield.  Jim and Gary hadn't heard a thing about a reunion for them this year.  So, maybe there isn't one & they'd like to join us next year.  Just a thought.  Love to all, Steph

Monday, June 9, 2008

Craig Kigar

The idea of combining reunions is interesting. My inclination would be to go with 73, 74, & 75 classes instead of 72. Nothing wrong with the class of '72, we just spent one year at Taft with them while we spent 2 yrs with the class of '75, yet there is nothing saying we couldn't do both.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Chris Jones
Steph, I agree   That would be a BLAST!

Monday, June 30, 2008


Hello Class of 1974

Harry Cohen

I love your site.  Wish the class of '73 would do something like this.  Hope all you "underclassmen" are goin great. Would love to hear from you...if you remember me.  My email is harry.cohen@insightbb.com.  Drop me a line.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lana's backyard
Craig Kigar

So Lana are you going to share some of your backyard photo's? I'd love to see them.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Too old for this
Stephanie Kovats

I was browsing the website & came across the pics of JR & new baby again.  I'm currently in day 2 of watching two of my grandsons (ages 2 & 3).  There is a reason I had my kids at a young age...LOL.  These two are wearing me out fast.  Good luck, JR.  As for me, I'm ready to kick back & relax.  Come on Friday (Nick & his wife return from their cruise).

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Trying to find a friend

Sherry Lakes Miller

Does anyone know what happened to Becky McDulin? I moved when I was just in the 10th at Taft so didn't get to be in the great Class of 74 at Taft High school. But know alot of you. Went to Wilson also and miss it up north. Have been down in Fla ever since. Have lost contact with alot of people Came up for the 74 graduation though and saw Becky and everyone else graduate outside in the field.... Would like to hear about her and her family. And anyone that remembers me.
Warm down here,
Hi Stef.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

    Stephanie Jonson Kovats

    Hi Sherry,
    I remember you.  I saw Becky last just after her mom died.  She was actually living in the house on Carmen.  But, that was a       while ago.  I can't remember her last name either.  Of course, these days, I can't remember a lot of things.  Where are you in Fl?  I'm here, too.  Take care, Steph

Saturday, December 8, 2007


95 weeks and 3 days Are You Ready?

Craig Kigar

What are your plans? Just think if you wanted to you could loss 1/2 a pound a week and be 47#s lighter. To some of us that wouldn't be enough,but hey to others it would be half or a third of their body weight! (So to others it may be one sixth) I should come up with some prize or something to the first six people that e-mail me with the correct response Okay we will come up with something. Talk to ya soon Silas1216

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ted Mate
Jeff Matthews

I ran into Ted a few years ago.  He and his wife Margaret are living in Zermatt Switzerland.  That is the town at the base of the Matterhorn on the Swiss Side.  Ted runs the Bucherer's jewelry store and has served at the head of the chamber of commerce.  Margaret runs the only child care facility in the town.

Ted celebrated 30 years with the store in 2006 by taking his family on a round the world trip.  He was gracious enough to maintain an online diary and send some of us frequent updates on their trip.

August 5, 2007

Senior Pranks
Craig L Kigar

What senior pranks do you all remember? I recall the pop cans that couldn't be used for prom decoration somehow appearing in the Principal's Office. Yes I know this makes you work your grey matter just a little but...

July 24, 2007


JR Samples newly found fatherhood

Dennis Gadd

After what has seemed like years raising my three boys and getting them out I have to ask myself, Has JR lost his friggin mind! I don't know. Just a thought. JR, good luck and I mean that in the best of way as possible. God bless.

July 2, 2007

Taft Talisman on Ebay

Craig L Kigar

I was out looking in eBay and discovered that someone was selling a '73 Talisman Yearbook, not me honest in the description the lister referred to a 'Misty'. There weren't any bids yet so it was five bucks, where did this snow come from buckeyes?

April 7, 2007



 Stephanie Jonson Kovats

It's great to hear that David Jones is alive and well. Hi to both David and Dennis Gadd.  Isn't this a great website?  Let's encourage more classmates to get on board.  I will be searching through my pictures soon & should have some to add to the "Guess Who" part of the scrapbook.  Somewhere, I have some really old pictures.  Take care all, Stephanie 

October 4, 2006

The rumors of my death...

David Lloyd Jones

After going to great lengths to track down one of my best friends from high school- Terry Tincher, I was somewhat taken aback to find out that I have been deceased for some 5 years... In truth, I am alive and well and living in Washington, DC. I am self-employed, single, very healthy and as of my most recent physical, not dead or even near death (though, at 50, I do have a little arthritis and my cholesterol and blood pressure are both too high..)(OK, I've gained a couple of extra pounds, too..). I would love to catch up with old friends... Melanie Dane- if you see this, please write!
October 1, 2006

            Kathy Brandenburg

            Wow.. must be a trip to wake up alive when you thought you were dead. Oh, wait, you didn't think you were.. Hello             and welcome "back".

            April 16, 2007

Family web site
Chris Jones 
I made a little family website if you care to catch-up on the Jones' Not sure if this will be a link... You may need to copy and paste it in your browser...


Man... Is it good to hear from Dennis Gadd!

Chris Jones

September 17, 2006

Greeting from Dennis Gadd
Dennis Gadd

Oh how nice it is to see a bunch of tigers coming togeather in cyber space. As you all no some of us no longer are with us. Lets keep their families in our prayers. As for me, yes I am still alive and in good health. Isn't life wonderfull! I hope this letter finds you all in good health and spirits also. If any of you would like to get in touch with me feel free to email me at my email address. I hope to here from you soon. Your classmate, Dennis Gadd. 
September 17, 2006



Lana Field Compton
It looks like we are going to get hit again!  The path of the storm is coming directly over West Palm on Tues/Wednesday.  Steph, Terry T. are you guys OK and prepared. I can't remember how many of us are down here. Must be my age. It looks like the entire state is getting it!  Keep safe.
August 29, 2006

    Terry Tincher   
    Lana; We got lucky again.  Hope all is well Terry T.
    August 30, 2006

    Stephanie Kovats
Lana, Thanks for your concern.  We didn't get anything but rain, which we really needed.  The wind wasn't any more than a "blustery day" brings.  How are you?  Cross your fingers, the season's not over yet.  Take care, Steph
September 1, 2006



Subject:  Web site

Craig L Kigar 
This is such a great site, I was wondering what it might cost in terms of time, effortand money  to have an auto-update e-mail sent once something changes on the page, similar to family.com  Any suggestions? 
June 1, 2006

        Jeanne Griffin 
        We pay our web host $10 a month. If you or anyone else would like to sponsor a month, please click here.

Subject:   Tom Stephenson 

Craig Kigar 
Has anyone heard from Tom Stephenson?

March 6, 2006

Stephanie Kovats 

Hey guys,
From previous posts, I know of at least 4 of you who have had your 50th birthday.  Where are the pictures?  I just posted a few of mine.  Please share yours.  Please see:  http://taft74.com/sjonson.htm
January 29, 2005


Subject: Walk to Cure Diabetes

Mikki Server Latimer  


I'm writing to you to ask for your support in a very special cause.

This year, I'll be taking part in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's Walk to Cure Diabetes along with a half-million other walkers across the country. Our goal: To raise $86 million to help fund research for a cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications.
Please visit my Walk Web page if you would like to donate online or see how close I am to reaching my personal goal:


October 2, 2005

Subject:   Weddings
connie jahner 
Well we married off another one last Saturday September 17th.  Our youngest boy. Still got the oldest boy to marry he's almost 29 and probably will be single forever.  Our 17-year-old daughter got a promise ring from her boyfriend but she promises to finish college first - that will give us enough time to save up for another wedding!!  3 down 3 to go!!!
September 20, 2005

Subject:  New address
Craig Kigar 
Changing addresses in cyberland is not any simplier than packing up your entire home and moving... Oh the joy Oh the joy
September 12, 2005

Subject:   Hurricane Katrina
connie jahner 
Just wondering if every one is safe from the path of the hurricane katrina - the only thing we notice up in north dakota is the climb in gas prices.  $3.00/gallon tonight for regular......
August 31, 2005

Lana Field Compton
Happy to say that it was supposed to get West Palm Beach again but it went south. Sorry to say it went to Dade/Broward and you know the rest. Say a prayer and hope none of our classmates are in this.
September 6, 2005

Subject:  New address
Kathy Brandenburg (von Korff) 
Hi all.  Reunion was fun.  Just wanted to post my new email on here. I changed from dsl to cable so lost my other email. 
And HA HA I just turned 49 today!
August 17, 2005

Subject:  Grandchildren
Stephanie Kovats   

Now this is a subject I love to talk about.  How about it, all you grandparents out there?  Is there anything better? 
I have 5 1/2 grandchildren.  They are:
Alexa (she'll be 11 on July 30)
Jason (he just turned 6)
Madison (she just turned 4)
Logan (he's 11 months)
Avery (was born on March 24 of this year.  She's almost 5 months.) 
Baby Kovats (? due on Dec. 6)  SMILE
July 5, 2005

I'll be in town the weekend of August 18th for a "Big Fat Greek Family Reunion"  It's Saturday night at Rick's.  The weekend will be packed with family visits but maybe I'll run into some of you guys somewhere.  Take care, Steph
August 15, 2005

connie (willer) jahner 
Being a grandparent is heaven you got that right Stephanie!! 
We have 5 also
The oldest McCayla will be 10 in December
Crystal - 4
Alex - 4
Michael - 2
Cassie - 1
With six kids and 5 grandchildren life here is never boring

July 16, 2005

 Subject:  Overseas classmates?
Craig Kigar
Hey I was just wondering if we have any classmates living abroad ?
Sunday, July 3, 2005

Subject:  The big 5-0
Lana Field Compton
Please tell me that I am not the first to turn the big 5-0 in this class.  My big day will be on November 16th.
I want to hear from my fellow classmates on how they intend on celebrating this big event.
For me, I am thinking of wasting away in Margaritaville if the hurricanes don't blow it away!
June 19, 2005

Brenda Arnold Cooper
Hey Lana, I won't be fifty until Dec. 16, so you beat me.  I will be spending it with my husband and my adopted daughter who        will be 5 on Nov. 14th!
June 20,. 2005

Stephanie Kovats
Hey Lana,
You are not alone.  I will turn 50 on Dec. 27, just 3 days after Chris Jones.  I have decade birthday parties.  This one will be         the biggest yet.  Planning my own party (although Eric will be paying for it).  I can't wait.  I think that the best way to not                fret about getting older is to enjoy each day of it.  Hope you ALL enjoy getting older.  Love to all, Steph
June 20, 2005

Chris Jones
Steph, YOU REMEMBERED! Since Lana is SO MUCH OLDER then us we will just let her report from the other side of the hill so we know what to expect...
June 26, 2005 

Lana Field Compton 
Whew!  I am off the hook.  Mark Sanders turned 50 before me.  Way to go, Mark.  See you at 100!

As for you Chris Jones, I am going to give you a kiss and hug when I see you at the next reunion then I am going to hit you with my dentures and cane! 

I was thinking of you and the reunion 10 years ago.  I was having a mid life crisis over being the first grandma in the class.  Someone beat me to that too.
You solved the problem by announcing it in front of God and country (aka the bar at the Elks).  It solved the problem real fast!

I love you guys dearly and can't wait to see you in 4 years. 
July 2, 2005

Connie (Willer) Jahner   
Geez what am I the baby of the class or what.  I am only gonna be 49 on Sept 5th.  I have decided to have a goodbye to the 40s party!!! My birthday is on labor day this year! My kids think I am insane - our oldest one turns 29 in October so next year I could just go hide - 50 and a kid whose 30 yikes!!  Hope all is well with everyone - we are having some stormy weather up in North Dakota this summer - first tornadoes were 5 miles south of our house, now last night we had 85 mph winds go through town.  Needless to say its a mess this morning.  Can I join you in margaritaville Lana!! 
Sunday, July 3, 2005

 Melanie Dane 

I will be 50 on Oct 2, - planning a dinner/ Rock and Roll cruise on the California Delta- (I live on the largest inland port in California) and my 13 year old is making the oldies music mix for us.
Some of you must have gotten a really early start on family - my oldest son is 13 and my youngest is 11.--No grandchildren but I have great kids and a good business, Merlin Design Group- I am a professional lighting designer and system integrator- so if any of you are building something-happy to help with the design!

Melanie Dane
August 12, 2005

Subject:  Classes of 73 or 75?
Craig Kigar  
Hey does anyone know if either of these two years have anything even close to this spectacular web page?
May 26, 2005 

Subject: From friends to flames...
Chris Jones   
What a very cool way to keep in touch with all of you. Thanks to the classmates that have made this sight possible!  Everyone really looks good! A few were hard to recognize but the eyes never lie! Mikki I WILL be there for the next one. Stephanie Kovats Johnson, do you think your husband would mind if we danced? After all I loved you first! (1st grade) Rick and Janie have not changed a BIT! (Dave and Janie are good together aren't they). Everyone take care, I love and miss you all!
November 15, 2004

Subject: e-mail
gary cook 

can anyone give me mike sandlins e mail address?
gary cook 
November 2, 2004 

Subject:  Reunion Pics
Stephanie Kovats  

I nominate Rick Dalessandro as the person whose looks have changed the least in the past 30 years! Hey Rick, is there a picture of an old man in your closet? Thanks to all who have submitted photos. It's the next best thing to being there. I hope not to miss any more. Love to all, Stephanie 
October 24, 2004

Subject: great website
Mikki Server Sciutti
October 22, 2004

Lana Compton
Your past is trying to catch up with you. Jeanne hacker Combs needs your email address......from New Miami. They had their 30 yr. reunion in May. I told them you were cute and all of 80 lbs. wet! Email back and I will hook you up with the link.
October 23, 2004 

Subject:  Hurricanes
Stephanie Kovats  

Hey Lana,
Are you living here now? Where? We did very well during the 3 Hurricanes that came through Orlando. I'm glad that our house is relatively new because of the newest "hurricane" building codes. I still prefer Florida to any place else to live (especially anywhere with COLD weather) Glad you were ok. Take care. 
September 30, 2004

Subject:  Heaven, hell and hurricanes
Lana Field Compton
OK, guys. I love Florida. It is most of the time paradise but I am ready to come home. Hurricane #2 is going to hit us early Sunday. We haven't cleaned up from #1. Say a prayer. It is just me and the dog!
September 24, 2004

Subject: Fairhaven Drive
Gaile Gentry Rowland 
My brother Marshall passed away on August 24th. At the funeral were many of our friends from childhood. It was a difficult time, but knowing that friends were there, touched me. Since this time, I have spoken to a few of the 'kids' who lived at the end of Fairhaven. We have talked about getting a reunion together next spring - if anyone is interested please contact me via email. Those were magical times growing up - playing in the creek, making forts, catching frogs! It would be fun to get together. Let me know. Thanks. Gaile 
September 21, 2004

Subject: gone but not forgotten
Melanie Dane  
Sorry to see so many good people have passed away. One of my dearest friends from the old days thru my move to San Francisco was David Jones. Please include in your next memorial update.
September 14, 2004

Subject: Reunion Pictures
Stephanie Kovats
Thanks to whoever has posted pictures already. It's the next best thing to being there. Hope to see more soon. This website is great. See you all in 5 years! 
August 17, 2004

Subject: Great job, committee!
Mike Sandlin 

A big, big THANKS to the reunion committee. You did a great job. Everything was wonderful & it was so nice to see everyone. My wife Amy had a wonderful time too. Thank you all for making her feel so welcome and part of the "gang". 
August 17, 2004

Subject: website
Patti Bohlen Hambleton   
It was great going over this great website. Brought back so many nice memories, and looking at the reunion photos just made me smile. Hello to all. 

Subject: Reunion awesome
Craig L Kigar  
Thanks to those that put this together and those attending. It was great to see everyone in attendance and sad to think that some didn't make it.
I have a question and even those that didn't make it to the reunion can participate by checking out the pending pictures... If you were walking done the streets of NYC and passed a classmate who would you be most likely to recognize ? and a follow up question who would you be least likely to pick out?

Subject: Thanks/reunion
Nancy McWhorter Wolpert 
It was great to see everyone at the reunion. Thanks to Beth/Marian/John and everyone who helped organize it. Let's keep in touch :-)

Subject: Marshall Gentry
Gaile Gentry Rowland  
I wanted to post a message to ask everyone to say a special prayer for my brother. He was diagnosed with brain cancer March, 2003. He has had 5 brain surgeries since that time. His spirits are great and he has a positive attitude, but the power of prayer is what we need. Thank you. 

Subject: Kathy Hopkins
Gaile Gentry Rowland
Has anyone heard where Kathy Hopkins is? The last time I talked to her (21 years ago), she was living in Florida. Thanks 

Subject: Pictures of 30th reunion
Lana Field Compton  
Can everyone bring a camera so that we can keep Jeanne Griffin busy loading onto the website. As you can tell from the pictures I contributed, I get busy talking and cut everybody in half! Can't wait to see everyone. 

Subject: spread the word
Beth Hendricks Davis 
We are relying on this website, the newspaper, and word of mouth to get the news out about our upcoming reunion. Please contact as many people as you can, to let them know about all the reunion get-togethers planned. Thanks!

Subject: reunion deadline
Beth Hendricks Davis
August 6th is the deadline for the reunion get-togethers. If you are planning to attend, please contact the appropriate person before August 6th. Thanks! 

Subject: Golf outing
John J Cole
The cut-off date for the golf outing will need to be August 5th. If anyone would like to participate please contact Michael or myself, so we can plan accordingly. If you are reading this and know of someone who would want to play please tell them of the time frame we are working under.
Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Thanks,, JC 

Subject:  Tom Vokes
Laurie Ward Banker  
Anyone know how to contact Tom Vokes? Working on a project for my mother's 80th birthday and would like to reach his parents. Any help would be appreciated! 

Doug Cappelli  
Last I heard Tom was living in North Carolina. No other info beyond that.
June 04, 2004

A big apology to Jeanne Swink Dickman
Jeanne Griffin
I'm very sorry for listing Jeanne on the list of deceased classmates! I'm going to pass the buck, though. The Hamilton Alumni Directory that I used when making the web site was the place where I got the wrong information.
I'm very happy that you're still alive, Jeanne :) 

Subject: update mailing address
Marion Beeler Stricker  
To all classmates...please e-mail your current address along with all any other known address of former classmates to myself or the Taft website.

We hope to get info out regarding our upcoming 30th re-union....Should be alot of fun since we're trying something a little different this time around. Imagine having Garfield and Taft together in the same room. Rivals no more......!
Thanks for the help....Marion   

Subject: please let me know if you know
Jeanne Swink Dickman 
Imagine this . As I looked on the obit's page there was Eddie Thier.. Does anyone know what happend? He was at the last reunion. Lookin good and acting the same old crazy person that he is... Please let me know.... Also we all better keep an eye on the obit page.. Never know who will show up... Jeanne 

Subject: Good to hear you are alive
Lana Compton  
So glad to hear that you are alive and kicking. Hope to see you at the reunion 

Subject: e-mail from the dead........   
Jeanne Swink
Hi everyone, Just to let you know i am not dead, not yet anyway..... I don't know how it got on the deceased page but there it was.. I want to thank those of you who called. Sure didn't mean for this to happen.. See ya at the next reunion....Jeanne 5/02/2004

Subject:  Legacy Bricks at the high school
Jeanne Griffin
The boosters club at Hamilton High (it's still Taft to us!) is selling engraved bricks that will be placed between the main entrance of the building and the new fine arts building. There are 2 sizes of bricks--4 x 8 inches and 8 x 8 inches. The bricks can have 3 - 6 lines of writing on them, depending on the size. The small bricks are $50 and the large bricks are $100.
It might be nice for our class to buy a brick and "leave our mark" on the school If anyone is interested and would like to contribute, I'd be happy to collect the money. Then we can decide what we'd like to have engraved on it. Here's my address:

Jeanne Griffin
c/o DFI
P.O. Box 13192
Hamilton, OH 45013 

Subject: Dave Tolley  
Laurie Ward Banker  
Just wondering if anyone knows what happened - when - where and why Dave Tolley died. If you email please be patient - earthlink guards its' clients well and will ask permission to allow access for new email. Hope everyone is well. I am living with my three children in South Carolina, while their dad - Fritz Banker - lives in the San Fransisco Bay area of California.
Thank you again for your help. 

Subject:  Reunion
Lana Field Compton  
Hi guys! What can I do to help you? This is a large job so I am willing to lend a hand. Several of us would like to get together for a reunion. With the internet, we can find a lot of people. Let me know. 

Subject: WEBSITE

Subject: Reunion
Beth Hendricks Davis  
Here's the scoop so far. We were contacted by members of the Garfield Class of 1974 and asked if we would like to join forces and have a combined reunion. After tossing around the idea and getting some opinions, we thought this would be a great idea!
So the reunion will be on a Saturday next summer at Rick's in Fairfield (date still is up in the air at this time). As soon as we get the date firmed up, we'll post it on the website.

Subject: next reunion
Beth Hendricks Davis
OK gang. It's time to get the ball rolling on the next reunion. Who's ready to help? Let's get some hype going! Just send me an email and we'll set up a date for our first meeting. Beth

Re: next reunion
Marion Stricker  
I got the box of stuff.....Call me 

Subject: Next Reunion?
Kathy Brandenburg 

I sent you an email. let's do this! 
10:48:31 11/08/2002

Subject: mem
Mark Hambleton 
The site looks great!And congratulations to Lisa Noble 

Michael R. Brockman  
Just received the address card in the mail. As the years pass this could be a tool to keep us all in touch
much more often, I mean who do we have more in common with than each other! Just ask your kids!! This mailing is a good start, but the newspaper that someone suggested could be a successful next step. Get as many of the locals as we can, then expand. I would be glad to help to expand. Getting together as a group more often than every 5 years I think would be a good thing. 30 years around the corner.......Damn!!!!! 

Subject: website attendance
Beth Hendricks Davis  
Now that we have such a great website for our class, how do we get the word out to get people here? Any suggestions?

Re: website attendance
Brenda Arnold Cooper
I just received the card re: the website, it's great! Who designed it?

 Re: website attendance - Timothy D Hardin
Thank You so much for sending this link to me. I will try and let the few people that I am still in touch with know about this site and will be trying to send some photos of myself soon. I have lost my year book so I think it would be nice if there was a way that we could have the school photos of ourselves in this site also. I really am so glad that you sent me this link.

Re: website attendance
Donny Perry 
Hey Beth,
You could buy me a new Mercedes and I could drive from door to door looking for former classmates of ours. Just kidding.
Why not get Ercel Eaton (I think that is her name) to put something in the Hamilton Journal News about the website. That should help get the word out to some folks. My mom is always sending me something about Hamilton from the paper up there.
Best wishes,
Donny Perry in Dallas, Texas

Kathy Brandenburg  
The postcards were a good idea. Got me here!
I would love to see more pics from yearbooks, I lost mine years ago. Also if anyone knows more about those that have died, I would be interested to know what happened.